An Open Discussion and Your Help!

It’s been a long while I know. I have been go, go going at the speed of light this summer. With pulling in five days a week at my job and trying to read a bazillion books (I know not a real figure. But I feel like it is a good estimate) my time spent on here has been lacking. I find it difficult to make long-winded speeches however when I do not have a good topic.

When I’m talking with someone about comics whether on the street, a group of friends, or when I was working at the shop, I always felt in the zone. Because the topic was started and then I was able to call on my knowledge to help the conversation along.

Naturally, in the beginning when I started this blog I had a bunch of different ideas for topics I wanted to cover. And I blew through them pretty quickly, trying to cover as much as I could. I realized later on that I should of been more careful with how I was flying through the posts because now present day, I have run out of topics that I have a firm grasp on. I could talk about more but I don’t have the reading under my belt that I want to have to talk about certain comics ( Ahem. Daredevil)

So I come to you, people of the Internet! Calling all comic lovers! I want to have comic conversations and share our knowledge with each other. Please help! Post on here through comments. Message me on Facebook and/or Twitter. Lets talk comics!

Twitter handle: @Truthjusticecb

Talk to you later,


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Twenty Four. In love with comic books and its' entire community and culture. Completely novice to blogging. View all posts by Brett Farmer

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