About Me

I am a twenty-three year old comic book reader. And really terrible at talking about myself. But there is nothing I love more than a really great comic book.  Think about honestly…pretty much all comic books are great.

The whole reason I am doing this is to share in the vast community of comic book fans around the world. I want this place to be somewhere where I can rant and talk about comic books that I love and also for you all to be able to come and share your favorites and connect. Don’t be afraid to comment and reach out to me. I love talking comics with anyone and everyone.

Comic books are my escape from the real world at times, but I also love trying to get everyone into comic books. My philosophy is that there is a comic book out there for everyone. We just gotta find it.

Not dealing with comic books, I am currently going to school for an Associates Degree in Information Systems and Technology and am only two classes away from finally graduating. I am an impressive specimen because I made a community college FOUR YEARS LONG. Thank you. Thank you.

I would also like to write for comic books at some point in my life. I have ideas for my own creator-owned book but nothing set in stone. A constant work-in-progress.

I am interested in getting into the IT field but would love to write on the side. Either way, if I could be rounded out into a few words:

Comic Books, Writing, and Technology.

Talk to you guys soon!


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