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.a Flash from my past, a welcome back.

It is a new era. It is time for a reinvention of the wheel.

I have returned.

I could sit here and bore you with the details about where I have been the last eight months, recanting you a tale like you would not believe. But I’ll just put it simply, I have been busy.

And that is not what this blog is about dammit. This is about the comic books. This is what we are all here for, to share our love of the comic book with each other and have those wonderful (and at sometimes hateful) conversations that make you think, laugh, and cry…

Maybe I am the only one who tears up with comic books. But that isn’t the point.

I have failed you. And for that I am sorry.

Let me make it up to you.

I want to come back into your life. I miss comic books. I miss the community. For these past eight months, I felt like I was off the grid, hidden away and have been in the pitch black, trying to scour my way through these foreign story lines and plots. To be honest, it felt like I have been away for years and I am finally catching up with my own titles….slowly.

I made the promise to myself I would not go gangbusters this time, like I did in the past and the titles that I am picking up are new and different from what I usually read. Because not only does it bring me joy to learn new things, but I feel like in the end if we are not branching out and trying out these new titles ourselves then what is the point for a publisher to even try to break the mold. They need us.

So. You sitting here reading this! Yeah, you with FaceSpace tabbed out in the background! I asked many a full moon ago for your help.

It is hard to sit here and carry on a conversation with myself and talk about every comic book that is out there. Although I have tried in the past and it is quite a sight to witness.

All joking aside however, I want to have insightful conversations with you, the Hivemind that is the Internet because I know that there are views outside of my own. Comic books that I have not tried and are just waiting for me to devour. But I will not know until you bring them to my attention. One of the best parts about my week is being able to step into my local comic book shop and burst into a lively conversation about what is going to happen next to our Boy Blue or how Peter Parker is going to manage to resurrect himself from the depths and take back his life from the Superior Doctor Octopus. These conversations keep me going to the next week, after I have put down my weekly pull.

And I am going to do better about posting here. I know I have said that in the past and have failed at it before, but I have a couple of ideas in my head, swirling around and waiting to be put down to paper… err text document. Thought provoking and my view, waiting to be shot down and torn apart by you guys. But, because you have to be a tiny bit full of yourself, I know they are going to be awesome,  informative, and you will enjoy them immensely. And you will not need to tear them apart.

At least, I hope you will not.

We are in this together and the comics are our connection. It is going to be a lovely time.

Talk to you soon,


The Return and Heroescon

I’m back!! And I know you guys have missed me while I was gone.

Summer is here, work is in full force, and I have dropped the ball on posting. For that I apologize. It has been a lingering thought in the back of my head though. Whispering sweet nothing’s into my ear, “just write a little bit…get it out there and let people know you are alive.”

I was doing well there in the beginning, trying to get myself to post at least once a week. And for the most part I knocked it out. But with summer here and school out, my drive disappeared and I dove into work and reading…novels! *gasp* Believe me, I know. But the comic gods will not strike me down, for I still keep up with my weekly pull. Which for anyone who knows me is HUGE! A wonderful break between chapters and/or finishing up novels. AND! I still have a ton of comics I need to catch up on. (Poor Sandman…just waiting and wishing I would just pick it up and read it already.)


Long story short, I am going to do better about blogging. I spent this weekend at Heroescon, having a great time, but also learning from creators about the drive it takes to sit down and just do it. Whether it is drawing or writing, the first step is to just do it. Don’t ask questions or second guess yourself. Jump into it and and you might even surprise yourself.

Heroescon was an absolute blast this year. If there is one thing that has changed about myself, it is the fact that I am becoming more confident with who I am and am finally manning up and going balls to the wall and actually talking to creators. Before I was such a chicken and got star struck. But with C2E2 and now Heroes, I have done what I believed was the unthinkable and have talked to a lot of different creators…and surprise surprise! They are exactly like you and me and want to talk to anyone, pretty much about anything. Especially if it is about their comics.

We all share a common thread when it comes to comic book conventions and it is exactly that: comic books. So why spend the time worrying and getting nervous when we are all there to share our love for comics. I got to meet and talk with some AMAZING creators this time around. They have a great energy about the work that they do and their fans that come to talk.

A big shout out to both Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore; the creative team for Luther Strode. Those dudes are easily the most approachable guys to talk to and make it really easy to just sit and chat for any length of time. Another great creator was Frank Barbiere, co-creator for the fantastic series Five Ghosts of Fabian Gray. What a cool and down to earth guy. Fresh talent that we all need to keep an eye on because I believe both Frank and his partner on Five Ghosts, Chris Mooneyham are going to blow up and do big things. Also as a plug, if you aren’t reading Five Ghosts, what the hell are you doing with your life?

On top of that, I got to meet with other great creator such as Ming Doyle, Becky Cloonan, Paul Maybury, Charles Soule, Andrew MacLean, Pat Quinn, and Francesco Francavilla. Wonderful, wonderful creators that deserve my money, time, and energy. Yours too! if you can spare it.

On Saturday afternoon, I got sit in on a panel hosted by Inkpulp Audio, which is a fantastic podcast by Shawn Crystal. He sits down with other creators talking about comics, music, and life. Worth every minute that you spend listening and I have been learning A LOT. Anyways, the panel was about breaking into the comic book industry and Mr. Crystal had Sean Gordon Murphy, Matteo Scalera, Eric Canete, and Dan Panosian all talking about their experiences about breaking in and also maintaining that position. You would be surprised at what I had heard. But overall, it opened my eyes to how difficult it can be in the industry and how you really have to want it. Take the good with the bad and definitely expect more bad than good. But it wasn’t a negative experience because at the end of the panel, you learn that these are all real dudes and they are working their asses off to make comics for you. Truly inspiring and fueled me to pursue the same ideals.

Overall, if you couldn’t tell I had a great fucking time this weekend and I have scored a lot of great Doctor Who commissions! I am going to post up pictures as soon as I get home!

Keep on the lookout for me guys. There is a lot of great books coming out in the near future, on top of what is already out now. So, a lot more posts are coming your way!

I’ll talk to you guys soon




Hey guys!

I was going to post to let you know that I was leaving for C2E2, but I think it might be better to return from the experience first and then talk about it.

It was a great, great time.

Sort of a nerve-wracking experience to start off with, especially when you haven’t ever been out that far west. But the trip wasn’t bad at all. We did drive out there, which in all honesty, I’m thinking plane next time.

In the spirit of comics however, the convention was a blast. The one thing you might not know is if you have never got experience a comic book convention before, I highly suggest it. It’s so worth it to be around so many comic books(!) but also to be around so many people that love comic books as well.

If there is one thing I can tell it is that getting thousands upon thousands of people together who share that love of comic books is a match made in heaven. You know why everyone is there, but more importantly you can do what I love to do; chat comics. So many great people willing to talk about their favorite comics and help you find some new reads.

One great moment was while eating over-priced convention food was witnessing on a side stage, a comic book trivia contest. Mr. Mark Waid (solo) versus a hand picked team of comic book fans, whom to be considered veterans. It was awesome to be able to see the knowledge tidbits fly in the friendly contest of who knows more about your favorite characters such as Superman and Thor. At one point I watched as Mr. Waid wowed everyone with his Superman knowledge by laying down the purpose of each colored kryptonite! It’s just things like that that show (me, at least) how great of a community we have.

However, one thing I know I have to work on because I missed out on good conversations is talking with creators. I don’t know what it is about talking to them but I just get starstruck and become very nervous. My words get caught up in my head and I chicken out while my friends get to go and have great conversations. Something that I have to work on but hey, I did end up talking a couple creators and got them to sign my sketchbook that I am going to start carrying around with me to cons. So my thanks to those creators for taking the time to deal with my nonsense. I even got Paul Cornell to doodle a Wolverine for me!

Either way, I wanna give a shout out to my friends that took on this adventure with me, traveling all the way to the Windy City. I love you guys and I can’t wait for the next con!

Catch you later,

Welcome to the future.

This is quite the humbling experience. I am trying to do my best to get myself to just sit here and rant, but this has never been an easy thing for me to do…talk about myself.

I want to welcome everyone who takes the time out of their busy lives to read my ramblings, to my first blog ever. I will apologize now that there is a hidden agenda to this blog being created and that is forcing myself to write. But more on that later.

I created this blog in the hopes that I can share my thoughts and feelings on the medium of comic books with an entire community who shares my same passion. I have an intense relationship with comic books and love the everything about them. From the craft itself, the time and dedication it takes for creators to put their hearts and souls onto each and every page, and the outcome of that effort, that I get to read every week. But I am hoping that I am not the only one and that this will help me meet others like myself who share this same love. I love to talk to anyone about comics. I could spend hours recanting the deeds of the Man of Steel as he flies through Metropolis, saving its’ citizens each and every day or following the Web-Slinger as he helps citizens in New York City. I hope that anyone reading this has stories to share about their favorite comics, superheroes, super-villians, etc. I love learning more and more about all the comics I can. I welcome any and all knowledge you all could share.

Raise your hand if every Wednesday is your most looked forward to day? I know it’s mine. I work at a comic book shop in Winchester, VA called Four Color Fantasies, so I tease myself every Tuesday night when we have to count everything in. I want my new comics so bad! But I wait just like everyone else and show up at my place of employment before the store opens with my best friends at my side. What a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday.

So I bet you are wondering, as I droll on and on with this personal stuff, when are we getting to the comic books? I am right there with you. This is going to be a blog full of comic books and as I said before we are going to talk about anything and everything we can. I have a personal feeling on how I handle my comic books and I hope that most will agree. Comic books are out there in many shapes and forms. I believe that there is a comic for everyone and everyone can enjoy comic books. Whether you or I will share the same tastes will not always be the case but  to each their own opinions and I hope the same will be said coming from you. Long story short, I will try my damnedest to not ever bash a comic book that I don’t like on here. That isn’t the point. The point is to share what I love from any and all comics I read because at some points I am not able to look at someone and tell them all about it. That’s where you Internet come in. I am going to tell you everything! I’m sure I have missed something but I am running out of steam now. We will get back to this too.

I cannot even imagine myself years ago, sitting down and trying to write down my thoughts. But it  amazes me how much you change when you start growing up. I can’t wait to see what this blog will do for me. I know it is going to take some time to learn the logistics of how blogs work and how I can customize them more to make it more appealing, but any help you have on that subject to is appreciated. And it is always nice to talk about comics too.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post ever. I appreciate it more than I can show.

See you guys soon,