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What? I started a blog?

My best friend Andy started his own blog, putting down his musings of life, drumming, and the pursuit to all things writing. Please check it out and encourage him. I know I am


Happy Easter from me and the Amazing Zoo Crew!

© DC Comics

© DC Comics

…okay it isn’t exactly the Zoo Crew, but it is from me and the great Captain Carrot!

Am I the only one who imagines Captain Carrot when they think of the Easter Bunny? I didn’t get my Cosmic Carrot this year though….what a bummer.

When I have children, this is going to be their Easter Bunny, it has been decided.

captain carrot and hoppy

Either way, I hope you guys have a great Easter. I’ll talk to you guys soon!

Valiantly leading the way!

© Valiant Comics

© Valiant Entertainment

I’m going to Pun Hell I know, but either way, I wanted to share some great books that Valiant Comics is putting out every month.

To anyone who keeps up with the new comic books coming out every month, it is hard to miss Valiant Comics that have swept the stands for the past year. They made their return to the publishing ring in 2012, starting out with X-O Manowar, helmed by Mr. Robert Venditti and Cary Nord. And as time went on that year, every few months after that, there was another new comic coming out featuring other Valiant Entertainment characters such as: Harbinger, Bloodshot, Archer & Armstrong, and finally Shadowman. And without skipping a beat, they had thrown in with the big boys like Marvel and DC, going pound for pound on the superhero sales market.

The greatest thing about being apart of Valiant’s return is that we to see a complete fresh start and what is being offered. And it is wonderful because each title is different and unique in its’ own way. There is something for everyone; science fiction, horror, etc. And they are so well done, if the budget allows, you can also be adventurous and try something completely new from what you are used to and you will not be disappointed. The creative teams on all of these books are top notch.

Not to worry however to the older readers that remember when Valiant was first publishing books. These are perfect new returning points, giving your favorite characters new introductions and allowing them to grow in this new community that has gained many a new reader. Also with the fresh starts, we are also seeing that other characters that have not gotten their own books…yet are getting appearances in the already established titles. For example, Dr. Mirage appearing in this new story arc of Shadowman, The Geomancer and Eternal Warrior appearing in Archer & Armstrong, and Ninjak in X-O Manowar. Maybe soon, we could see them getting their own books?

I will be honest with you, as great as it sounds, I personally am financially strained and could not pursue all these wonderful titles, BUT I am picking up Shadowman and Archer & Armstrong. Which have been a pleasure to read each month.

© Valiant Comics

© Valiant Entertainment

If you are interested in horror titles that mix with the super, Shadowman is your book has Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher killing it on this horror superhero title. With both Jordan and Zircher’s words and Zircher’s beautiful artwork, it makes it an easy choice for me. As soon as I saw a preview without the lettering and just the pencils, I was sold. Zircher’s art is wonderfully detailed and is easy to follow, helping along the storytelling. The grotesque demons and spirits that our Jack Boniface has to deal with after gaining the power of the Shadowman are accented well by Zircher’s art and storytelling. I have become a fan of the horror genre since getting into comics and this book delivers the suspense so well that it is scary. (I know I know, another pun.) It was also an easy choice for me because I am a Justin Jordan fanboy and would read anything that he writes. *cough* Luther Strode *cough*

© Valiant Entertainment

© Valiant Entertainment

If you are looking for a fun, action romp, I suggest you look no further then Archer & Armstrong.  Archer was raised in a very strict and religious background…on top of being trained in all sorts of different fighting styles such as: tae-kwon-do, wu-shu, etc, being trained for his upcoming fight with his foe, Armstrong. But the two become fast friends and bury the proverbial hatchet. Taking two characters, from opposite sides of the spectrum, and pairing them together so that they can work to save the world from a cult that worships nothingness or the Null; genius. From the mind of Fred Van Lente comes quip and sass that you would expect from Spider-Man but instead you hear from Armstrong the immortal. And Clayton Henry does a wonderful job in showing the differences the two have between them, allowing personalities to shine, but also do well to show the budding friendship the two have.

Both of these books if you couldn’t tell come with my highest recommendation. They are wonderful reads each month and I look forward to when I can dive into another issue of each. But like before, the other titles: Harbinger, Bloodshot, and X-O Manowar have also been on par with each other and do well to give everyone of different tastes, something to great to read.

New readers and old! If you haven’t picked up an issue of one of these books off the shelf, do so and give it a chance. I doubt you will be disappointed.I can say with confidence that the steam that Valiant has built up is here to stay, based on the sales at my local comic shop and beyond. Everyone is loving the Valiant Entertainment line of books and is craving more.Keep it up!

I’ll catch you guys later