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Hey guys!

I was going to post to let you know that I was leaving for C2E2, but I think it might be better to return from the experience first and then talk about it.

It was a great, great time.

Sort of a nerve-wracking experience to start off with, especially when you haven’t ever been out that far west. But the trip wasn’t bad at all. We did drive out there, which in all honesty, I’m thinking plane next time.

In the spirit of comics however, the convention was a blast. The one thing you might not know is if you have never got experience a comic book convention before, I highly suggest it. It’s so worth it to be around so many comic books(!) but also to be around so many people that love comic books as well.

If there is one thing I can tell it is that getting thousands upon thousands of people together who share that love of comic books is a match made in heaven. You know why everyone is there, but more importantly you can do what I love to do; chat comics. So many great people willing to talk about their favorite comics and help you find some new reads.

One great moment was while eating over-priced convention food was witnessing on a side stage, a comic book trivia contest. Mr. Mark Waid (solo) versus a hand picked team of comic book fans, whom to be considered veterans. It was awesome to be able to see the knowledge tidbits fly in the friendly contest of who knows more about your favorite characters such as Superman and Thor. At one point I watched as Mr. Waid wowed everyone with his Superman knowledge by laying down the purpose of each colored kryptonite! It’s just things like that that show (me, at least) how great of a community we have.

However, one thing I know I have to work on because I missed out on good conversations is talking with creators. I don’t know what it is about talking to them but I just get starstruck and become very nervous. My words get caught up in my head and I chicken out while my friends get to go and have great conversations. Something that I have to work on but hey, I did end up talking a couple creators and got them to sign my sketchbook that I am going to start carrying around with me to cons. So my thanks to those creators for taking the time to deal with my nonsense. I even got Paul Cornell to doodle a Wolverine for me!

Either way, I wanna give a shout out to my friends that took on this adventure with me, traveling all the way to the Windy City. I love you guys and I can’t wait for the next con!

Catch you later,