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.a Flash from my past, a welcome back.

It is a new era. It is time for a reinvention of the wheel.

I have returned.

I could sit here and bore you with the details about where I have been the last eight months, recanting you a tale like you would not believe. But I’ll just put it simply, I have been busy.

And that is not what this blog is about dammit. This is about the comic books. This is what we are all here for, to share our love of the comic book with each other and have those wonderful (and at sometimes hateful) conversations that make you think, laugh, and cry…

Maybe I am the only one who tears up with comic books. But that isn’t the point.

I have failed you. And for that I am sorry.

Let me make it up to you.

I want to come back into your life. I miss comic books. I miss the community. For these past eight months, I felt like I was off the grid, hidden away and have been in the pitch black, trying to scour my way through these foreign story lines and plots. To be honest, it felt like I have been away for years and I am finally catching up with my own titles….slowly.

I made the promise to myself I would not go gangbusters this time, like I did in the past and the titles that I am picking up are new and different from what I usually read. Because not only does it bring me joy to learn new things, but I feel like in the end if we are not branching out and trying out these new titles ourselves then what is the point for a publisher to even try to break the mold. They need us.

So. You sitting here reading this! Yeah, you with FaceSpace tabbed out in the background! I asked many a full moon ago for your help.

It is hard to sit here and carry on a conversation with myself and talk about every comic book that is out there. Although I have tried in the past and it is quite a sight to witness.

All joking aside however, I want to have insightful conversations with you, the Hivemind that is the Internet because I know that there are views outside of my own. Comic books that I have not tried and are just waiting for me to devour. But I will not know until you bring them to my attention. One of the best parts about my week is being able to step into my local comic book shop and burst into a lively conversation about what is going to happen next to our Boy Blue or how Peter Parker is going to manage to resurrect himself from the depths and take back his life from the Superior Doctor Octopus. These conversations keep me going to the next week, after I have put down my weekly pull.

And I am going to do better about posting here. I know I have said that in the past and have failed at it before, but I have a couple of ideas in my head, swirling around and waiting to be put down to paper… err text document. Thought provoking and my view, waiting to be shot down and torn apart by you guys. But, because you have to be a tiny bit full of yourself, I know they are going to be awesome,  informative, and you will enjoy them immensely. And you will not need to tear them apart.

At least, I hope you will not.

We are in this together and the comics are our connection. It is going to be a lovely time.

Talk to you soon,