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The Return and Heroescon

I’m back!! And I know you guys have missed me while I was gone.

Summer is here, work is in full force, and I have dropped the ball on posting. For that I apologize. It has been a lingering thought in the back of my head though. Whispering sweet nothing’s into my ear, “just write a little bit…get it out there and let people know you are alive.”

I was doing well there in the beginning, trying to get myself to post at least once a week. And for the most part I knocked it out. But with summer here and school out, my drive disappeared and I dove into work and reading…novels! *gasp* Believe me, I know. But the comic gods will not strike me down, for I still keep up with my weekly pull. Which for anyone who knows me is HUGE! A wonderful break between chapters and/or finishing up novels. AND! I still have a ton of comics I need to catch up on. (Poor Sandman…just waiting and wishing I would just pick it up and read it already.)


Long story short, I am going to do better about blogging. I spent this weekend at Heroescon, having a great time, but also learning from creators about the drive it takes to sit down and just do it. Whether it is drawing or writing, the first step is to just do it. Don’t ask questions or second guess yourself. Jump into it and and you might even surprise yourself.

Heroescon was an absolute blast this year. If there is one thing that has changed about myself, it is the fact that I am becoming more confident with who I am and am finally manning up and going balls to the wall and actually talking to creators. Before I was such a chicken and got star struck. But with C2E2 and now Heroes, I have done what I believed was the unthinkable and have talked to a lot of different creators…and surprise surprise! They are exactly like you and me and want to talk to anyone, pretty much about anything. Especially if it is about their comics.

We all share a common thread when it comes to comic book conventions and it is exactly that: comic books. So why spend the time worrying and getting nervous when we are all there to share our love for comics. I got to meet and talk with some AMAZING creators this time around. They have a great energy about the work that they do and their fans that come to talk.

A big shout out to both Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore; the creative team for Luther Strode. Those dudes are easily the most approachable guys to talk to and make it really easy to just sit and chat for any length of time. Another great creator was Frank Barbiere, co-creator for the fantastic series Five Ghosts of Fabian Gray. What a cool and down to earth guy. Fresh talent that we all need to keep an eye on because I believe both Frank and his partner on Five Ghosts, Chris Mooneyham are going to blow up and do big things. Also as a plug, if you aren’t reading Five Ghosts, what the hell are you doing with your life?

On top of that, I got to meet with other great creator such as Ming Doyle, Becky Cloonan, Paul Maybury, Charles Soule, Andrew MacLean, Pat Quinn, and Francesco Francavilla. Wonderful, wonderful creators that deserve my money, time, and energy. Yours too! if you can spare it.

On Saturday afternoon, I got sit in on a panel hosted by Inkpulp Audio, which is a fantastic podcast by Shawn Crystal. He sits down with other creators talking about comics, music, and life. Worth every minute that you spend listening and I have been learning A LOT. Anyways, the panel was about breaking into the comic book industry and Mr. Crystal had Sean Gordon Murphy, Matteo Scalera, Eric Canete, and Dan Panosian all talking about their experiences about breaking in and also maintaining that position. You would be surprised at what I had heard. But overall, it opened my eyes to how difficult it can be in the industry and how you really have to want it. Take the good with the bad and definitely expect more bad than good. But it wasn’t a negative experience because at the end of the panel, you learn that these are all real dudes and they are working their asses off to make comics for you. Truly inspiring and fueled me to pursue the same ideals.

Overall, if you couldn’t tell I had a great fucking time this weekend and I have scored a lot of great Doctor Who commissions! I am going to post up pictures as soon as I get home!

Keep on the lookout for me guys. There is a lot of great books coming out in the near future, on top of what is already out now. So, a lot more posts are coming your way!

I’ll talk to you guys soon